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Know your pet’s Location, Health & Fitness

Providing pet parents peace of mind...Love your pets as they love you.


3 easy steps to get connected 🌎


Attach device with collar

Device can be attached to any regular collar following 3 easy steps. It can stay mounted or be detached at any time you want.


Download the application and set up your dog profile

Upload your dog’s photo, fill the profile page (age, breed and weight) of your dog to get the best experience.


Connect Device with mobile application

Enter your device ID and Password in a mobile application to get connected with your pet’s collar.

Why your pet will love bloop

awesome stuff to keep track of your pet



Track your pet’s location in real time. Set a geofence and get alerts as soon as your pet escapes. Movement updates every 10 seconds.



Get timely alerts about allergies, rashes or infections. Get early signs of diabetes or kidney disease. Get alerts about discomfort, pain or dietary disease. Get alerts about insomnia and sleep disruption.



Achieve recommended exercise goals for your specific pet. See distance travelled, minutes active and more. Serve correct food portions recommended for your specific dog. Celebrate Achievements .


Play Dates

Find the nearest dog parks to your pet’s location. Swipe and choose playdates for your pet.

Prototype Testing

We plan to provide a prototype with basic features for a specific animal shelter for their pets to test the device and its usability.